EDB to PDF Converter Tool

Scan, Recover & Save Corrupted Exchange Database (EDB) Emails to PDF file format

  • Scan and recover corrupted Exchange EBD mailboxes to PDF Formats
  • Converts any number of EDB mailboxes to PDF without size limitation
  • Migrate EDB emails, calendars, contacts, etc. to searchable PDF
  • The conversion preserves all the meta properties of the emails
  • No Exchange Server Environment is required to convert EDB to PDF format
  • Compatible with all versions of Exchange Server (2003, 2007, 2010, & 2013, 2016)

EDB to PDF conversion

The tool converts all the contents (emails, calendars, contacts, journals, etc.) from the mailbox to PDF documents. The software is Capable to convert multiple mailboxes at a time. Both public as well as private folders contents can be converted PDF documents.

corrupt edb 2 pst

Convert Corrupted EDB to PDF

Scan and Export corrupted EDB databases from Exchange Server to PDF format. The tool is capable to repair and fix all kind of errors in EDB files. Both private and public database can be recovered and converted to PDF documents using the tool. The mailboxes contents are recovered without even altering its meta properties.

edb 2 edb

Preview EDB mailboxes

Recovered emails, attachments, calendars, tasks scheduled, etc. can be previewed using the tool. The mail attachments can be separately viewed and analyzed using the tool, outside the exchange environment. The tool maintains folder hierarchy as in the original files.

Bulk/Selective Exporting

The EDB to PDF Converter tool Allows users to perform selective exporting of emails and other documents to PDF. The preview helps users to do selective exporting efficiently. The bulk exporting of the mailboxes are also possible with the tool. Allow users to maintain folder hierarchy while exporting to PDF.

convert deleted mailbox 2 pst

Status Report Generation

The tool generates a status report while converting EDB to PDF. This allows users to have an idea about exporting process in progress. The status report is generated under 3 tabs- pending, in progress and completed. This report shows the count of mailboxes that is exported as well as in pending.

convert private and public folder

Save recovered EDB to Desired Location

The recovered EDB emails can be saved to user desired location. The tool automatically creates a new folder at the selected destination or user can create by himself. All the recovered contents from EDB databases are stored in the target folder.

Download Exchange Mailbox to PDF Converter freeware to analyze the working of Exchange Mailbox to PDF Converter Tool. The Free of Cost version of the tool only Convert 25 items/folder of Exchange Server Mailbox.

System Requirement
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Processor is Recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB is Recommended
  • Disk Space: Around 15 MB for installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the live Exchange is needed to convert Exchange EDB to PDF?
Is this software compatible with Windows 8 PC?
Yes, this EDB to PDF converter software is compatible with all edition of windows.
What is the maximum size limit for exchange EDB to PDF conversion?
No, there is not any size limit for conversion. You can convert any size EDB to PDF buy using this tool.
Can this tool able to convert Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb separately?
Yes, this EDB to PDF converter can convert Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb separately.
Can this tool convert multiple EDB at same time?
This tool can process only one EDB at a time. This tool can covert multiple EDB file but only one at a time.