How to Reset User Mailbox Password in Exchange 2010


Microsoft Exchange Server is a Mail Server which enable a user to send or receive emails, in organizations exchange server is used for mailing process because it gives exchange administrator access to access any user's mailbox to monitor every action performed by user inside the organization. Exchange administrator need to monitor the mail flow inside the organization as well as outside the organization. Microsoft exchange server enables administrator to reset the password of every user as per the requirement. Hara I am explaining the easiest way to reset user mailbox password in exchange 2010.

Steps to Reset Users Mailbox Password in Exchange 2010

Exchange Administrator can change the password only existing user in the exchange server. Follow the below mentioned steps to change any user password in exchange.

Step 1: - Locate and open the Active Directory Users and Computers as shown below.


Step 2: - Locate the Mailbox whose password you want to change.

Step 3: - Now Right Click on the selected mailbox, and select the Reset Password option from drop down menu.


Step 4: - Set the New Password field and verify it by retyping it in Confirm Password field.


Step 5: - Click on Ok to complete the process.


Exchange Administrator cannot change the password of user if Active Directory is absent, so to reset user mailbox password in exchange 2010 active directory must be in active state. I hope this article will help you to rest the password easily.